Welcome to my mess of a blog

I’m a photographer in the Midwest.  I’ve been casually doing photography since 2015, but I’ve only really started taking it seriously as of 2017.

The reason I’ve started being serious is because I really struggle with memory.  I was a boxer and over time  I accumulated ten concussions.  Because of this my brain had already gone through some serious abuse.  In January of 2017 I got a minor concussion on a Monday, but not knowing I had one I continued to train on Wednesday and received a severe concussion on top of the first one.

My life is back to normal, but I really struggle with memory.  Because I can’t really keep memories in my head, I put my memory into the pictures I take.

I have a few goals as a photographer

  1. To make enough money so that I can have a comfortable life. (my version of comfortable probably differs from the standard view)
  2. To capture pieces of history.  I hope that someday people will look back on the pictures that I take and view them as valuable parts of human history.
  3. To capture my life.  In fifty or sixty years from now I want to be able to look back at all the places I’ve been and things I’ve done with great, clear memories.

I hope you all enjoy my memories as much as I do.