Welcome to my mess of a blog

Memories are a curious thing.  They are, in my opinion, what shape a person.  If I asked you what you hold most dear, I’m sure some of you would struggle with narrowing it down to one specific thing.  However, I’m also certain that off the top of your head you can think of various people, places, and activities that have brought you joy, sorrow, and hold responsibility for the way you are today.

I’ve lived adventurously my entire life.  I’ve been a rock climber for the last few years and there’s nothing I love more.  But when engaging in more crazy and adventurous things, it’s only natural that risk of injury would increase.  Over the younger years of my life, I received one or two concussions, broken bones, cuts, bruises and all other things that might fit in, but nothing that would be considered abnormal or raise worry.  I later became a boxer, and this is when everything went downhill.  My boxing career ended after receiving my tenth severe concussion, which was actually two minor concussions and one major concussion stacked on top of each other.  My life has never been the same. Every day I face the effects of my excessive brain damage, the most prevalent effect being my impaired memory.

My long term memory has faded, but remains intact.  On the other hand, my short term memory is abysmal.  I can’t remember how, but at some point in middle school I received a Cannon EOS 20D .  After receiving the camera, I learned how to operate the camera, as well as basic photo composition techniques.  After spending some time practicing photography, I couldn’t seem to find any passion or motivation in pursuing photography so I gave up.  As I continued my adventurous life, as well as boxing, I noticed my memory slowly diminishing.  I can vaguely remember friends coming and talking to me about things we had done together and I would have no clue what they were talking about.  This is when I found my memory.

I stumbled upon my old camera and I figured it might be fun to just take it with me when I went out with my friends later that night.  However, being out of practice with my camera, not a single picture I took turned out good, but a few days later when I was looking through the pictures I had taken, I found myself able to remember the entire night.  After this, I decided that if I couldn’t keep my memories in my head, I would hold my memories within the pictures that I take.

My love for photography grows more and more every time I take a shot, and I have a deep connection to every picture that I take.  When I take a picture, it’s not just a meaningless snapshot.  I take my photos in a very unique fashion.  I only take a picture when it represents the way I perceive the world.  I want the picture to be what I see through my own eyes and not a variation of that.  I try to capture key moments in time, when every part of the frame tells a story of real world.  I feel most photographers are artistic with their images and want to display an alternate interpretation of the world.  But for me, photography is just a documentation of my life.ope you all enjoy my memories as much as I do.