Daily Photo: February 8, 2018

How much space can one image contain?  How much information?  How much life, or lack of life?  An image can only be what it is.  Sounds stupid and obvious, but it’s true.  I could claim all sorts of “artistic” meanings and constructions within this image, but those wont change the image.  This picture will be the same.  It will not change unless I, or someone else actually alters what is in this image.  The picture has no power.

View from Mt. Sanitas, CO

Humans have a nasty habit of blaming the world for their problems, but just like this image, the world just goes along, changing when changed by people.  We find reasons, meanings, and excuses for every situation, altering what actually see.  Instead, just take a situation for what it is.  Find a solution for what, and move on to the next picture in your life.

I could use a whole lot of work with this as well.

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