Goodbye 2017

Today is the day we can officially say goodbye to 2017.  It’s been a really really fast year but a whole lot has happened.  Especially for me.  I started the year off with the head injury that would forever change my life in a very interesting way.  After I spent the beginning of the year in very rough shape I really discovered my passion for taking pictures.  I continued to develop my drive and inspiration for photography while doing some amazing rock climbing and making some of my best friends to date.  It’s been a year of pain, comfort, confusion, and resolve.  I believe that this was a pivotal year for my personal growth.  I can walk away from this year still searching for a life I have yet to build but still with my head held high.  I will walk into 2018 actively perusing my life as a photographer and I look forward to seeing what happens.IMG_2709IMG_3106IMG_4218IMG_4543IMG_4595IMG_4649IMG_5260IMG_5302

I’m so happy my brother is getting married


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