Important Daily Picture: December 17, 2017

Photography is my memory.  Photography means the world to me.  If you’ve looked at my about page you will have already known  this.  You will also then know that I would like to build a life for myself using my pictures.  However, up until recently I have lacked direction on what I wanted to communicate using my images.  I already knew that my photography was my memory, but that was too personal.  My personal experience most likely wouldn’t have enough impact on anyone.  Now, after searching, I believe I have found where I want to take my photography.  In addition to my own memory, I want my pictures to document humans personal interactions with nature.  I wont deny that nature in the very definition of awesome, and people in nature can be really neat too.  I would never say that the way I plan to drive my imagery in better than any other.  It’s simply what drive me.

This is one of my recent images.  I truly believe that it encompasses all the information I plan to communicate in all my future photography.  Also  go check out my instagram because there’s some fun stuff on there that I wont be posting here soon.

Don Robinson State Park, MO

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