Holy Boulders Fifth Testament 2017

This is undoubtedly going to be my largest post for image content.  The holy boulders competition was this past weekend and was just as thrilling as previous years.  I’m super psyched to have had the opportunity to shoot the event.  It’s exhilarating to witness si many amazing people gather together both organizing, and participating in a phenomenal event.  Having a camera in my hand all weekend provided a new, refreshing insight on the event.  I was able to catch a glimpse into all the different groups climbing and see the differences and similarities of fellow climbers.  It’s not necessarily an easy feat, but it’s a truly amazing experience to try and capture the heart and soul of an event.  I already psyched for next year.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures.

1-18 Precompetition

19-105 Comp

106-158 After party and comp winners


  1. Are those all the ones you took? I remember you took one of me and a friend sitting in a crash pad at the bon fire, do you have it by any chance?


    1. These are the pictures that I considered to be the best of the ones that I took. Taking pictures at night or with dim light unfortunately produces many obstacles. I will take another look through all my pictures to see if I missed it but my guess is that the picture was either too dark or blurry if I didn’t post it.


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